What is Fordyce and how to treat it?

When you notice the appearance of small bumps on the body, and which can be of different colors like red-pale color, yellow-white color and others, know that it is Fordyce. These bumps appear to be related to STDs, but they are not. It is not difficult to cure it, as long as you can identify it. How to treat this disease?

What is Fordyce grain ?

These small bumps can appear in different places on the body. It can appear for example on the inner wall of the cheek or around the lips, go to this page in link indicated for more information. These bumps can appear in men than in women. In women, they often appear on the lips, but in men, they attack the genital area. It is in fact little more evolved sebaceous glands. It is a brush that generally appears in people of advanced age. Although they are related to hair follicles, you can see their presence on parts of the body that do not have hair.

What Causes Fordyce Spots?

You will find theories regarding the causes of this disease. However, what to remember is that it is from birth that it is present, but remains anonymous until the time of the puberty period. Other people believe that it is the change in hormones in the body that causes this disease. Thus, it should be understood that it is at the stage of puberty that Fordyce makes its appearance in the body.

How to treat Fordyce grain?

Doctors believe that Fordyce seeds do not cause any inconvenience to humans, so there is no need to seek treatment. However, he will heal himself by following a few guidelines. There is the laser treatment, the micro-punching technique that quickly removes these spots on the body.