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Visit to Quintana Roo - the necessary tax for your trip, VisiTax

Are you planning a trip to Quintana Roo in Mexico for your vacation? Before the moment arrives, please know that there are certain obligations that you will have to respect. One of them is the payment of the VisiTax tax. This is a mandatory tax set up by the Mexican state for foreign travelers aged 4 or over who wish to travel to Quintana Roo. Know that once you obtain it, it will remain valid throughout your stay in this State.

The paper copy of the VisiTax tax : is it mandatory to have it on you?

After completing your online request and following the appropriate procedure, you will receive payment confirmation in your email address. You must then print the VisiTax tax and keep the hard copy between your travel documents.

When going through security to catch your plane back home, the paper copy of the VisiTax tax will be used to prove that you have paid it. Remember, all foreign travelers 4 years or older are required to pay this tax.

So make sure everyone in your family has their hard copy on them. However, you should know that if you have difficulty paying the tax or printing the confirmation received in Quintana Roo, appropriate support will be provided. Click on Visitax for more information if you plan to go to Quintana Roo. 

Can you pay the VisiTax tax only once you arrive in Cancun?

Tourists have the option to pay the new VisiTax tax before departure, once upon arrival or even when they return home. It is possible to complete the first two options by taking an online tour.

The third option, on the other hand, is available locally as soon as you arrive at Cancun airport. However, it is recommended to opt for online payment to pay your VisiTax tax. You will be spared long waits at the airport.

This will not risk causing you to miss your flight. if you wish, you can make the payment by credit card or PayPal online. You can even pay cash at Cancun and Cozumel airports if you prefer.