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Steps to block DDoS attacks

When a DDoS attack on your web page or application occurs, it means that your servers will face huge technical problems. But do you know that there are simple practices to avoid this type of attack? We have collected the answer for you here.

Monitor traffic

When your site is in a normal state, all services are fully available. So, from an operational point of view, you can monitor the level of network traffic every time. This includes, for example, watching the network bandwidth in us, monitoring the packets per second as well as the requests. All this can help you to establish a clear traffic reference. The koddos company services are excellent to help you achieve this. 

At this point, you have the option of already configuring special Edge network firewall rules to schedule automatic triggering in case of an attack. Another alternative is to also use the dashboard. This will allow you to monitor all technical and business traffic.

Detecting the DDoS attack

When an attack is launched, from a botnet of devices, first, you can detect it at the point of presence(PoP). This is where the server interacts conveniently with the routers to access the internets. Thus, the DDoS attack starts processing requests. This can signal unusual activity such as high usage of your site's resources followed by a drop in network performance. With an-DDoS, you can easily detect these signs in order to take consistent action.

Reacting to the DDoS attack

Once you have the attack, it's an opportunity to activate mitigation within seconds. How to do it? We know that traffic to the server is processed by the VAC nodes. With an attestation, the traffic sucked in by the DDoS attack is blocked automatically, but this does not impact legitimate traffic.

Installing an anti-DDoS system

An attack lasts between 10 to 12 minutes. During this entire time, the anti-DDoS system always remains activated, whether the attack persists or not. Outside of this time, it automatically deactivated, but always remains awake against another possible attack.