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Some tips to improve the management of a database

In the digital domain, the design of databases has become commonplace. Indeed, a database constitutes, in several fields of activity, a safer way to keep crucial points in the development of a project. However, after the design, it is still not easy to manage your database. Find out some tips for this purpose through this article.

Do a regular cleaning of the database

The very first tip to manage your database well is to clean it consistently. Certainly, even if you think you don't have a lot of information, you can still get statistics that are less and less useful to you over time. Therefore, consider determining as many indicators as possible, such as spam complaints and hard chips. You can optimize the cleanup by also removing contacts that have been inactive for more than 6 months. Also, note that validating your email box with an email validator is also an effective way of database management.

Set up your data collection

For a clean and good quality database, it is essential to know how to collect the contacts that have the greatest value. Indeed, the information you receive will vary depending on the collection method you choose. In addition, unless you are providing a service in return, people are less and less interested in large forms. Therefore, it is wiser to collect information progressively according to your customer's journey. In addition to being the best method of collection, it also makes the relationship last.

Make a segmentation

The third important step involved in good database management is segmentation. Segmentation, which refers to the action of dividing the contacts in your base into several homogeneous batches, is very important for the success of a project. Among other things, segmentation allows you to optimize your budget management, increase your performance and build customer loyalty through the proposal of various attractive offers. In short, managing a database requires taking several steps.