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Some tips on how to create an impactful lost cat poster ?

Realizing that your canine companion is missing is comparable to the pain of losing a loved one. Unfortunately, this feeling is not matched by the feeling of relief. Here, the owners are mostly worried and confused. Here are some tips for creating a good lost cat poster.


Like an ID card, your cat's search poster should contain information essentials. These are required to make it easier for those who want to help you. This is what that site is trying to make clear. Going back to the essentials we are talking about: 

- key words in bold : 

placed in the city, the words used, put in bold must attract the attention of passers-by. Indeed, this is precisely the goal. For example, putting the word "attention" appeals to the human eye because of its urgency, 

- the picture of your cat :

 images stay longer in a person's memory. It is true that we are more likely to remember the clothes worn by a colleague than a sentence read during the day. It is therefore important that you put more effort into this, 

- your contact details : 

with a little luck, a tourist will tell you that he has seen your cat.

The software to use

After the information to put on the search poster, you must now think about the best software. If these are plethora on the Internet, it should be noted that their value differs: 

- for simplicity, you have tools like : 

adobe spark; canva; visme, 

- for the intermediate : 

stencil and crello are excellent software. 

- and for the experienced who prefers a poster that clearly shows the images you have chosen, prefer tools like :

 Design Cap or MyCreativeShop. Note that they both have the advantage of professional and very advanced features.