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How to choose your short sleeve thobe?

Still known as the kameez, the thobe is a traditional long dress worn by Muslim men.  It is usually made from light and comfortable fabrics such as cotton or linen.  The thobe can be worn as a casual garment or as a formal outfit, depending on how it is decorated and the accessories that accompany it.  Available in a variety of shapes and models, it is necessary to take into account certain criteria to choose a short-sleeved thobe.

Consider your size

Whether to go to the mosque or during prayer, the choice of a short-sleeved thobe must be made taking into account certain factors, first of all the size of the client.  To choose a garment that fits your size, start by using a tape measure to get an accurate measurement of your height. Stand up straight and measure the distance between the top of your shoulders and the desired length of the thobe for example, to the ankles or to the knees.  Next, see the size chart.  Indeed, most brands of thobe provide a size chart that allows you to find the corresponding size according to your measurements.
Compare your waist measurement with the size chart to determine the proper size.  In addition to the size, you must take into account the cut of the thobe.  Some styles are more fitted, while others are looser.  Choose a cut that matches your preferences and body type.  If you can't find your exact size, go for a slightly larger size rather than a smaller one.  It is easier to make minor adjustments to reduce the size of a thobe than to try to enlarge it.

Choose the right fabric

The thobe is made from different types of fabrics.  You have for example cotton which is one of the most popular fabrics for thobe due to its breathable properties and ability to absorb moisture.  Cotton is comfortable to wear, soft on the skin and suitable for different climates.  Then there is linen, which is a natural fabric that is also valued for its breathability.  It has the ability to regulate body temperature, which makes it a good choice for hot climates.
Linen has a slightly rougher texture than cotton, but is durable and stylish.  Polyester, on the other hand, is a synthetic fabric that is often mixed with other fibers to make thobe.  It has the advantage of being wrinkle resistant, durable and easy to maintain.  However, it may not be as breathable as cotton or linen.  The final option is silk, which is a luxurious, lightweight fabric known for its softness and sheen.  It is often used for more formal and elegant thobe.  The choice is yours.

Choose a fit that suits your size

There are different cuts of thobe that suit different sizes and preferences.  One of the most used for a short-sleeved thobe is the straight cut.  This is a classic, versatile fit that fits most sizes.  It is generally loose and does not follow the curves of the body.  This cut is ideal for those who prefer a looser and more comfortable fit.  Next comes the slim fit, which is more fitted and follows the contours of the body, providing a sleeker and more fitted silhouette.
It generally suits people with a slimmer waistline and preferring a closer-fitting look.  You can also opt for a short haircut.  It refers to a thobe which generally stops above the ankles.  It may be preferred by those who prefer a more practical and relaxed length.