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How to choose a Good Dishwasher ?

The dishwasher is a very practical piece of equipment that offers undeniable additional comfort in a single dwelling. Indeed, it allows a fast and efficient cleaning of dirty plates, glasses and other kitchen utensils. A must-have in today's households, it is still almost always purchased after the other appliances that make up the kitchen. Buying a good dishwasher, however, is not a very easy action.

Consider the size of the dishwasher

The size of the dishwasher is the first criterion to consider before making a choice. the space in your kitchen. Dishwashers are available in 3 main sizes:

Classic size: 60cm wide/85cm high/55 to 60cm deep

Small width" size: width 45cm/height 85cm/depth 55 to 60cm

Tabletop or mini dishwasher: width 55 cm / height 45 cm / depth 50 to 55 cm

Choose a model that consumes less energy

Generally, it is advisable to buy a dishwasher that consumes less water and electricity. For this reason, some appliances have passed the certification in this area, so please check the label carefully. Indeed, it is important to know that dishwashers consume a lot of water. In each washing cycle, the dishwasher can reach 10 to 20 liters of water. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the type of dishwasher you buy to avoid high energy bills.

Buy a quiet dishwasher

The new model of dishwasher has a feature that distinguishes it from the old or classic model: no noise. A typical dishwasher emits a sound of about 50 dB (A). Models with mufflers produce a sound of about 40 dB (A), which is equivalent to the quiet atmosphere of a library. Always keep the user's manual, because dB (A) is not always mentioned on the website of the device or the designer.

In short, before any purchase, the first criterion you should consider is your needs. Then your budget should also be taken into account.