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How to change a shower mixer seal?

When you realize that your shower mixer tap is leaking, it is important to check what caused it. If you cannot detect what is causing such a thing, or the leak is not caused by the thermostatic cartridge, then it is up to you to replace the valve gasket.

Changing the seal of a mixer requires substantial preparation

Changing the seal on a mixer tap is absolutely no problem, unless you decide on your own to involve a plumber. What you need to do is follow the steps to get there, find more information on this web site. So, to begin with, you need to make sure to turn off or plug the water supply valve in the house. You will then properly clean the water installation circuit. For this, you will leave open the faulty tap open so that the water can flow freely. When all the water is finished flowing, you will now turn off the tap. The next step is to remove the faucet if it takes a little more space to do your job. So that the rest of the work is less cumbersome, it is advisable to remove the hose from the shower head. To start the work of replacing the gasket, you must have at your disposal work accessories. You must have for example the screwdrivers, the Allen key, the cruciform as well as the silicone grease.

Now change the seal on the shower mixer.

When the step of disassembling the valve in question is done, the actual change step will then follow. At this point, you return the mixer cartridge to its normal place. It is important to remember that you should not make mistakes here. When the new seal is replaced by the old one, you will then start to reassemble the elements one after the other. You will not forget to apply the silicone grease, to give reinforcement to the joint and allow it to function correctly. It is not advisable to change all the shower mixer gaskets, as you risk damaging the entire system.