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E-sports betting : find out more about their impact

In recent years, the online betting industry has experienced a major upheaval due to the internet and the evolution of mobile devices. There is also the start of the health crisis which prevented going out to place bets in betting centers. In fact, many online betting operators have emerged to meet the growing demands of bettors present. In addition, they put in place effective strategies to attract potential bettors to their platform. Although the crisis has subsided and things have somehow returned to normal, E-sports continues to impact the betting industry. Discover here some information on the impact of online betting.

The financial impact of online betting

During the period of the health crisis, betting in person suffered a very significant brake to make way for online betting. Despite today the return of in-person events, the growth of online betting has continued to rise. Today, 3 titles make up most bets. These are League of Legends (LoL), Counter-Strike : Global Offensive (CS : GO) and DOTA 2. 

If you visit website like this, you will be able to learn more about how to enjoy this impact as a bettor. Please note that these previously quoted titles represent approximately more than 80% of the total bets make today. CS : GO, which was already popular long before the health crisis, remains one of the favorite titles of bettors to this day. 

Over time, online betting has experienced real growth following the example of television viewers. With wider coverage of these bets, it has become easier for enthusiasts to watch the games. In addition, betting operators offer more promotions to players in order to attract and retain more users. 

Also, we now notice more sponsorship for major tournaments due to the growth in the number of viewers in these types of events. We therefore note with the increase in sponsorships more events and more important prizes. For example, you have the international event 10 DOTA 2 which offered a total prize pool of more than 60 million dollars. 

The first team alone wins over $16 million. This leads to the fact that today spectators demand more and more competitions. So, there is a growth in sponsors and prizes in the industry. During the events, viewers feel a greater attachment to the teams by not hesitating to bet on them.

Some of the reasons why betting operators create centric content

In addition to sponsors, viewers and participants, other people benefit greatly from online betting. For example, you have the world of betting operators which is currently experiencing real growth. There are several reasons why online betting operators implement centered content :

Education and popularization 

One of the objectives of betting operators is to guarantee the growth of the number of television viewers. For this, betting operators promote online events using social networks and traditional media. E-sports are enjoying increasing space in newspapers and magazines thanks to print media. 

Additionally, she views esports as legitimate and innovative. It is generally through the written press and on television that traditional bettors learn more about online betting. Despite the gap in value and reality between generations, a significant number of traditional bettors think they are interested in and adopt online betting.

Excitement and hype 

After attracting the attention of viewers, creating excitement and hype is the next reason. By ensuring significant media hype and living up to expectations, betting operators offer highly valued viewing. This allows them to attract more viewers and more bets.

Growth in betting 

One of the main objectives of betting operators is to get online betting spectators to take the last step, which is to bet on events. To this end, they present the services appreciated by bettors and alternatives to meet everyone's needs. 

They ensure real transparency at the level of events so that the results are in no way predictable. This leads punters to place their bets on these events.

Betting operators ensure that their content offers trust and transparency. With this in mind, they provide bettors with all the information related to the events. Thus, viewers can be sure to make informed bets according to their desires. Also, these operators make sure to make bettors understand that there are several unknown variables in the games.