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Cider: what are the advantages of drinking it and how is it prepared?

Cider is one of the best drinks in the world today, and it is part of many people's dietary habits. In fact, the increase in its consumption is due to the multiple benefits that can be gained from it. This article will give you more details about the benefits of this drink and the steps to prepare it. 

What do you need to know about cider ?

Today, cider is very popular on the market because the health benefits are enormous. Like other types of cider, buy some sweet cider is a simple matter. In fact, they can be found in almost every supermarket in the world. Originating in Normandy, one of the apple producing countries, cider is a drink made from the fermentation of apple juice. Low in sugar, low in alcohol and rich in nutrients, these are the main characteristics that make cider a particularly popular drink. Cider is usually consumed just before or near a meal.

What are the benefits of drinking cider ?

Cider is essentially different from other beverages because of its benefits to the health of the body. As already mentioned, cider is a nutrient-rich drink. It contains mainly the minerals calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Thanks to these, cider is able to fight against certain recurrent diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes. By consuming cider, it is the best solution to regulate the sugar and glycaemia levels in the blood and therefore to normalise the weight.

Another important benefit of cider, cider also promotes good digestion. In fact, cider has the advantage of containing sorbitol, which makes it easier to digest all kinds of food. It is therefore a great asset to prevent constipation of the stomach. Another advantage of this drink that you can benefit from is the rejuvenating state it offers, regardless of age. Finally, cider is not just for drinking. It can also be used in the form of vinegar in the kitchen to add flavour to certain foods (meat, fish, sausage and many others).

What are the steps involved in making cider ? 

First of all, you should know that the cider production process can take two weeks or even several months. This of course depends on the type of cider you want to produce. The production of cider starts with the careful washing of the apples. Next, the apples need to be crushed and pressed. After that, the juice is carefully filtered in a tank. At this stage, it must be ensured that the filtered apple juice is completely free of any waste or impurities. Finally, the last step is the fermentation of the juice. Here, the juice tank must be closed with a lid. The duration of the fermentation will depend on the type of cider to be produced.

All in all, drinking cider has many health benefits for the body. Especially with the different types available on the market, you can vary your taste. However, it is essential not to abuse it. You may be confronted with harmful side effects if you do so.