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A wooden patio and a concrete patio: which is the best choice?

In a house, the patio is a place of choice for entertaining friends, relaxing with the family, or taking a nice bath. But to get the most out of a patio, it has to be aesthetically pleasing, durable and useful. There are generally two types of patios: wooden and concrete. Before making an ideal choice, it is advisable to know the difference between these two types of patios.

The wooden deck

The wooden deck is a choice that provides a much more natural effect to your deck, but it has a lot of requirements. To see your deck last over time, it needs regular maintenance and maximum protection. Applying an anti-fungal protector, opaque paint and a wood sealant to prevent water from seeping into the deck are tasks that should be carried out annually to maintain and protect your deck. These are not the only tasks to be carried out for a wooden patio, it is also necessary to regularly review the bars, the fastenings of the boards, the steps and if possible to proceed to the replacement of the boards if they are damaged. In short, it can be said that before opting for a wooden patio, you should plan an investment in time and money because without maintenance, your wooden patio risks rotting and cracking under the effect of humidity, ambient pollution and exposure to the sun. 

The concrete patio

Unlike the wooden patio, the concrete patio does not require any maintenance. You just have to pour it well at the beginning following the seller's instructions and give it the right drying time. A properly installed concrete deck will remain beautiful and strong for years to come. Generally speaking, concrete slabs are incomparably strong. What can harm your concrete patio is when you expose it to de-icing salt. With such a practice, your patio could crumble. So if you want to enjoy your deck for a long time, this practice should be eliminated from your routine. Also, concrete has a non-slip surface that prevents us from slipping even if it is wet. So, it can be said that a concrete patio allows you to save money and enjoy the investment for a long time.