Amazon opens a hair salon

Some major technology companies have had an impact on the world over the last century with their various inventions and creations. Amazon, a large technology company specialising in digital design and commerce, has decided to take a surprising step. Amazon is creating a hair salon with an augmented reality concept.

How does Amazon's hair salon work?

A hair salon has never been the domain of electronic companies. So Amazon's big innovation did not remain unexplained. Through interviews, Amazon emphasises the whole concept: a hair salon with augmented reality possibilities. This is the clear difference between <<Amazon salon>> and other ordinary hair salons, luxury or otherwise.

Indeed, Amazon has created its hair salon entirely for experimental purposes. In London's East End, the two-storey, 140 square metre hair salon is fully equipped with the latest high-tech accessories. In the built-in mirrors are webcams capable of giving an accurate picture of a future hairstyle. The customer will have to try on the hairstyle of his choice before the realization. Each virtual test will give him a 360° reflection of his head.

It will also be possible for customers to choose and order a product by simple indexing. Simply index a product on the shelf to get a clear, enlarged image. Ordering will be done via a QR code

Amazon hairdressing customers and their activities

For an experimental phase, the technology firm has restricted its clientele to its employees. As a result, the Amazon Hair Salon does not yet receive ordinary civilians. However, it does sell cosmetics and fashion items to anyone who wants them.